Graduate Alumni

Title: "Craigslist: Free: Los Angeles", 2007
Medium: Graphite on paper.
Dimensions: 11 x 11 inches

MFA, 2007

Since graduating from UCR in 2007, Matthew has been working to develop his art practice in Los Angeles. He has exhibited work in numerous national and local group exhibits, including an exhibit curated by Dave Hickey in which he was selected by Mr. Hickey for a top jury prize. He also received top jury prize for a group exhibit at the Treehouse Gallery, and another jury prize awarded by the Santa Monica Museum of Art for a group show held at Gallery 825, both in Los Angeles.

Matthew is teaching art courses at local community colleges, and will teach an online course of his own design at UCLA Extension this fall. He and his wife will relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area in the fall of 2008.

Title: Excavation: Utopia of Quantity, 2007
Medium: Acrylic, latex, oil pastel on canvas.
Dimensions: 63 x 131 inches

MFA, 2007

Since graduating from UCR in 2007, Cheryl relocated to Los Angeles and has been working at an architectural firm while developing a studio practice.  Her work has been exhibited locally and nationally, most recently at a curated exhibition by Tyler Stallings at 18th Street Art Center in Santa Monica.


Undergraduate Alumni

BA, 2003

After getting my B.A. in Studio Art, I entered the Teacher Credential Program at UCR.  I student-taught at A.B. Miller H.S. in Fontana and was hired the following year.  I taught beginning art and TV Production for two years there.  Then I transferred to a new school in Fontana, Summit High School.  I continue to teach the same subjects and I am also the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Site Coordinator and the Art Club advisor.

For extra dough, I paint murals in residential homes and I sometimes do various local commissioned work (paintings, album covers, graphic designs, etc). I play co-ed indoor soccer, love the company of my three dogs, and I am about to get married in June!



BA, 2004

After graduating from UCR, I went on to a Masters Program at CalArts, graduating in 2006. In the last couple of years I have incessantly been trying to approach my art practice from a different perspective: instead of filling a void, I am beginning to realize that true emptiness is not empty, but contains all things. I have worked on numerous videos and films, and am currently finishing up an audio/photo project to be released via cassette; it's expected release will be this summer. Graduating from the UC Riverside Arts department instilled a level of excitement for thought, creation, and viewing our surrounding cultural and political climate (spectacle) with an unsparing critical eye.

Title: Bardez, 2004-2005
Medium: Acrylic on paper.
Dimensions: 48 x 144 inches

William Hemmerdinger
BA, 1973

A Los Angeles artist and critic, my artworks are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco; Mobil Oil, New York; Otto Galerie, Berlin; and Banbara Hepworth Museum, St. Ives, England.

I have authored catalog essays on art and design plus reviews for Artweek, Artscene, Arts Quarterly, Arts Magazine, Images and Issues. My professional archive profiling modernist art, artists and design of California and the Pacific Rim has become part of the Getty Research Institute.

I earned an MFA and Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University and teach at Boston Architectural College.

Title: New Preamble, 2008
Medium: Acrylic, paper and fabric collage, varnish on recycled paper and canvas map.
Dimensions: 54 x 42 inches

BA, 1976

I completed a BA in Studio Art from UCR and an MFA in Painting from Claremont Graduate University. My satirical collages have been exhibited in solo shows at Lincoln Center, New York; Provisions Library Resource Center for Activism and the Arts, Washington, DC; The University of Pennsylvania, The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture; UCLA Art Library; Catherine Person Gallery and Esther Claypool Gallery in Seattle, and many other venues. I am a recipient of artist grants from The Pollock Krasner Foundation, The Creative Capital Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, Western States Arts Federation, The Gottlieb Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, Artist Trust, Washington State Arts Commission, California Arts Council, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and Seattle Office of Cultural Affairs. I teach on the graduate faculty at Seattle University. In 2008, Dee Dee Does Utopia, a large scale, full-color, hard cover book of my artwork was published by Marquand Books. It's available from DAP New York, at I reside with my husband in Seattle. The artwork shown, New Preamble (2008) was recently acquired by Portland Art Museum for their permanent collection.

Title: The Closer To The Ground The Better, For My Grandfather, 2008 (MacArthur Park, Los Angeles)
Medium: Concrete, wood, speakers, mp3 player, battery, solar panel.
Dimensions: 32.5"w x 20"h x 15"d

BA, 2000

A graduate in the MFA program at Calarts in 2003, Matt Lucero has exhibited in Southern California and New York at spaces such as Harris-Lieberman, New York, Lombard Freid, New York, LA><ART, Los Angeles and the Orange County Museum of Art for the 2008 California Biennial. His work utilizes performance, installation and interventions that use commercial marketing and design strategies to open a debate over consumer, public vs. private issues of space as well as display and representation. His most recent series of sculptural public works introduce family history and notions of temporality to examine the complexity and fluidity of regional identity and architecture. His performance and interventions have been seen at Target, Wal-Mart, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, the Pasadena Art Center's Wind Tunnel, and The Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena among other spaces.

Title: Profidio, 2005
Medium: Inkjet with prismacolor pencils.
Dimensions: 22 x 17 inches

BA, 1974

After graduating from UCR Babette went on to receive her MFA from Claremont Graduate University. Once finished, she started teaching part-time at several local community colleges and universities. She finally found a permanent home at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona and has been a professor there for the last nineteen years. She is also the Chair of the Art Department and has been working in that capacity for the last ten years. The department has almost 600 majors.

During her tenure at Cal Poly Babette has received the Academic Program's Award for Outstanding Faculty Advisor, and the Dean's Award for Outstanding Faculty. Her work has been included in the "The Security Pacific Collection, 1970-1985: Selected Works," and featured in Rotovison's "Color Management, A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers."

Babette continues to produce and exhibit her work both regionally and nationally. Travel is her current muse as it is a constant reminder of how issues of religion, politics, and especially commercialism, can impact and visually define a location and its people.

As a designer she is particularly fascinated with the local bric-a-brac, signs, and cultural icons and her current body of work features these manipulated to combine reality and fantasy. Although individual pieces begin as digital photos they don't truly fit under the category of photography. Formally, they are more illustrative in the sense that they begin as one thing and then are layered, painted (using both traditional and electronic media), and generally manipulated into what Babette classifies as digital illustrations.
Title: The Eagle's Beak, 2007
Location: Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree

BA, 2004

For the past 25 years, Ramon has taught at The Eagle's Lodge in Yucca Valley, California under his medicine name... Lone Eagle. He teaches a Shaman's way of living to individual apprentice. Yucca Valley for Ramon is his place to develop meaningful thoughts, with ample opportunity for growth.

Since completing his undergraduate work at UCR, he went on to graduate work completed in 2007, and in June of that year was confirmed as Master of Education. This provided Ramon with a bridge for modern day delivery of Instruction using traditional methods taught by the indigenous people of the Americas.

Lone Eagle's work is currently focused on anthropological implications given by the Mayan Calendar. This instrument is based upon galactic spacetime metrics for evolutionary changes mapped for Mankind. The metric is for mankind's realization of galactic consciousness.

Ramon's Earth Art installation shown here is called "The Eagle's Beak," after Carlos Castaneda. It includes all of the elements of the spiritual nature of the Milky Way, with an alchemical balance of sub atomic particles called "Itz" by the Mayan.


BA, 2004

I graduated UCR in 2004, starting out in the art department, and ending up taking advantage of the then new Film & Visual Culture program.

I've been freelancing as a multimedia artist since my days at UCR. On my last year of school in 2001, I took a break to go full time as a Marine, then headed out to Iraq, came back in 2003 to finish the Film & Visual Culture program.

Since then, I'm still freelancing doing web development and working on music videos. I have been making my time between Tokyo and Los Angeles, trying to make some new business connections, doing whatever it takes to spend more time in Tokyo!

I have a website that deals with my creative services, which range from consulting, tutoring or developing media rich websites. is a new production company formed with some friends I have collaborated over the last ten years, which I serve as a co-director and producer and also sit down behind a computer to do compositing and animation effects.


Title: Untitled, 2007
Medium: Graphic for a wall relief.
Dimensions: 48 x 48 inches

BA, 1996

Amir Zaki is a practicing artist living in Southern California. He received his MFA from UCLA in 1999 and has been regularly and actively exhibiting photographs and videos nationally and internationally since. Zaki has had solo shows at the Mak Center Schindler House in West Hollywood, Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York, James Harris Gallery in Seattle, and Roberts and Tilton in Los Angeles. He has been included in many group exhibitions in significant venues including The California Biennial: 2006 at the Orange County museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Andreas Grimm Gallery in Munich, Germany, Harris Lieberman Gallery in New York, Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago, the California Museum of Photography, and the San Jose Museum of Art. Zaki's work is part of numerous public and private collections across the country including the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington, the Orange County museum of Art, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Recently, he has been included in a Phaidon Press anthology of contemporary photography called 'Vitamin Ph'. Amir Zaki is a distinguished Associate Professor in the Art Department.


BA, 1996

Dori went on to receive her MFA at UCLA in Art, specializing in photography. She also received her teaching credential at Cal State Los Angeles and taught high school for 4 years. Simultaneously, she co-managed a drum scanning and printing business for 3 years. She continues to teach digital painting and texture mapping using 3d Studio Max in the Game Art Program at Westwood College.

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